Dental Hygiene

At Shore Dental we offer a first-class service to ensure your teeth and gums are kept clean and healthy. Our hygienists are gentle, friendly, and caring. They focus on the prevention of oral diseases. They can provide scaling, polishing, airflow treatment, fluoride treatment, teeth whitening and fissure sealants.

Dental Hygiene FAQs

What is the Airflow/Air polisher?

  • Airflow is a fast-working polishing/stain removal technique. It uses a combination of compressed air, water, fine powder to give your teeth and gums a deep clean.
  • Airflow is often recommended for maintaining dental implants.
  • Airflow is different from teeth whitening because whitening chemically lightens teeth, whereas the airflow removes surface stains thus making the teeth appear cleaner and brighter.
  • The effects of the treatment will depend on your lifestyle. If you are a smoker or drink coffee and/or red wine, you can expect stains to return quicker. A good oral hygiene routine and regular trips to the dentist will help maintain the results.

What to expect during your hygiene appointment

The hygienist will firstly assess the condition of your teeth and gums. Each patient is treated as an individual, during your appointment we will get to know you and provide a customised hygiene plan.  They will then:

  • Scale your teeth to remove any plaque or calculus/tartar build-up
  • Perform a clean and polish to remove any superficial stains on your teeth
  • Offer tailored advice on how to maintain good dental health and demonstrate techniques you can use at home.

Your hygienist will also provide advice about diet and preventing tooth decay. They will refer you to a dentist or periodontist if they see anything that needs further treatment.

How often should I visit the hygienist?

Most patients are recommended to visit the Hygienist every 6 months. However, you may be recommended to attend more frequently depending on the condition of your gums and your personal desire to have your teeth cleaned and polished regularly.

Your dentist may also recommend that you see a hygienist for a thorough clean before beginning a complex dental treatment such as dental implants.

How long does a hygiene appointment take?

Most adult hygiene appointments are between 30-40 minutes. Children’s hygiene appointments are usually 20 minutes.

Can I see a hygienist whenever I like?

We offer direct access hygiene appointments. This means that if you are not a patient at Shore, you can still book a hygiene appointment without seeing a dentist first. These appointments are booked in for 40 minutes.